Self-Guided Training Session

Welcome to Your Personalized Training Journey

Self-Guided Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training Session, specially designed to complement the curriculum covered in our academy. This session is an invaluable opportunity for you to take control of your learning, deepen your understanding of BJJ techniques, and refine your skills in a focused, self-driven environment.

Session Objectives:

  • Deepen Technique Mastery: Reinforce and expand your knowledge of BJJ fundamentals, exploring the depth of each position and submission in a structured, self-paced setting.
  • Strategic Sparring: Apply your skills in practical scenarios, enhancing your strategic thinking and adaptability on the mat.
  • Self-Reflection: Evaluate your progress, identify areas for growth, and set actionable goals for your BJJ journey.

Detailed Structure:

  1. Technique Review (30 Minutes): Kick off your session with a detailed review of techniques tailored to your current level. 
  2. Drill Exercises (30 Minutes): Transition into a series of drills designed to engrain muscle memory and improve technique fluidity. Choose drills that align with your personal goals and focus areas for the session.
  3. Situational Sparring (Flow Rolling) (20 Minutes): Engage in light, controlled sparring focusing on specific positions or scenarios. This is your chance to experiment with techniques in a live setting, understanding their application against a resisting opponent.
  4. Reflection and Goal Setting (10 Minutes): Conclude your training with a quiet moment of reflection on the mat. Assess your performance, take note of any insights gained, and plan your next steps in training.


    Preparing for Your Session:

    To make the most of this self-guided session, we recommend coming in with a clear focus area—be it a specific technique, transition, or strategic concept you wish to improve. Setting a clear intention will guide your practice and enhance your learning outcomes.

BMJJA Self Guided Training

Use this dedicated time on the mat to push your boundaries, refine your skills, and take another step forward in your BJJ journey. The commitment to self-improvement is the key to unlocking new levels of mastery in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.