Why We Record Our BJJ Sessions on Mondays: A Deeper Look

At our Academy, we’ve made it a routine to record our training sessions every Monday using high-quality 6K video. This practice isn’t just about capturing footage; it’s a strategic tool that enhances our training, technique, and overall progression in the sport. Here’s why recording these sessions is crucial for us.

Detailed Feedback and Technique Improvement

Recording sessions allows both coaches and students to review performances and pinpoint specific areas that need improvement. Watching oneself perform can reveal common mistakes that might not be apparent in the heat of the moment. This visual feedback is invaluable, as it provides a different perspective, helping us understand the finer details of our techniques and strategies.

Progress Tracking Over Time

Regular recordings create a visual history of each student’s progress. It’s motivating and rewarding to see tangible evidence of improvement over time, whether it’s mastering a complex manoeuvre or increasing overall agility and strength. This not only boosts morale but also encourages a deeper commitment to training.

Educational Resource for Students

The footage serves as a unique educational resource. Students can access these videos to study particular moves, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and learn from others’ sparring sessions. It’s an excellent complement to traditional training methods and provides an additional layer of learning that can be accessed anytime.

Enhancing Coaching Techniques

For instructors, the footage is a critical tool for refining coaching strategies. By reviewing how different students respond to various techniques and instructions, coaches can tailor their methods to better suit individual needs, improving the overall effectiveness of their teaching.

Community Building and Engagement

Sharing highlights and key moments from our training sessions online, particularly through our website, helps in building a stronger community. It showcases our gym’s culture and commitment to excellence, attracting potential new members and engaging current ones. This transparency and sharing of our journey foster a sense of pride and belonging among our members.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Video recordings allow us to analyse any incidents of injury or close calls during training. This helps in understanding what might have gone wrong and how similar situations can be avoided or handled better in the future, thereby enhancing the safety protocols of our gym.

For those interested in viewing the recorded sessions, visit our dedicated media page here.∗

* You will need to create an account with Plex, and email us your username for access.