Coach Nina Kimura-Budzyniak

Nina Kimura-Budzyniak, with her decade-long experience in the film industry, has delved into various facets such as acting, editing, visual effects, and both 2D and 3D animation. Currently, she is blending her passions for film and martial arts, pursuing a career in stunt work for films. Enrolled in a stunt school, Nina is diligently training across a broad spectrum of disciplines to evolve into a multifaceted athlete. Her regimen includes fight choreography, taekwondo, judo, parkour, gymnastics, and swimming. In the future, she aims to integrate these diverse skills into her teaching methodologies at the Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy. Beyond her professional life, Nina has a deep affection for animals, travel, and outdoor adventures, which are just a few among her wide array of hobbies.