Coach Nathanael Hunter

Nathanael’s martial arts journey began in 2018 when he first stepped onto the jiujitsu mats as a white belt, under the guidance of Professor Doa Karan. His diverse background includes training in boxing, krav maga, and kickboxing, each discipline contributing to his rich understanding of martial arts. Beyond the dojo, Nathanael is deeply involved in primary school education, a field that complements his ongoing studies in psychology and neuroscience.

His passion truly shines in coaching the children’s classes at BMJJA. Nathanael excels in creating a fun and engaging learning environment, where he not only teaches jiujitsu techniques but also fosters confidence and resilience in his young students. 

Nathanael’s approachable demeanor and dedication to teaching make him a favorite among students and parents alike. Join him on the mats and experience the blend of fun, fitness, and learning that he brings to every class. See you on the mats!