Enhancing BJJ Performance: Personal Training Session with Coach Andrew

In a recent training session with Coach Andrew, I focused on strength conditioning and flexibility to enhance my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) skills. We targeted key areas like shoulder and hip mobility, essential for any BJJ practitioner.

We began with shoulder mobility, engaging in dynamic stretches and strength exercises aimed at boosting shoulder stability and flexibility. These are crucial for executing effective grappling moves and preventing injuries.

Coach Andrew’s expertise in functional training offers valuable strategies for incorporating strength and flexibility routines into regular practice. This not only boosts prowess on the mat but also increases adaptability in various BJJ scenarios.

These sessions are part of BMJJA’s offerings, available free to all members and open to non-members. For more details on pricing and session information, visit BMJJA Membership Information.

For anyone looking to improve their BJJ skills and overall physical health, these sessions with Coach Andrew are highly recommended.