Facing the Blues as a Blue Belt: Overcoming the Struggle

Facing the Blues as a Blue Belt: Overcoming the Struggle


As a blue belt at Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy, you’ve already invested significant time and effort into your training. You’ve endured countless hours on the mat, celebrated victories, and pushed through setbacks. However, a common and often disheartening experience at this stage is being tapped out by new white belts. This can leave you questioning your progress and even your desire to continue training.


It’s important to understand that this experience is not uncommon and doesn’t reflect your lack of skill or improvement. Here are a few perspectives to help you navigate this challenging phase:


White Belt Energy: White belts often bring an intense, unpredictable energy to their rolls. Their enthusiasm and lack of refined technique can sometimes catch more experienced practitioners off guard. Remember, BJJ is not just about winning or losing but about learning and improving.


Comfort Zone: As you progress, you might experiment with new techniques or positions that you’re less familiar with, which can make you vulnerable. This experimentation is crucial for growth but can temporarily put you at a disadvantage. Embrace these moments as learning opportunities.


Perspective Shift: Compare your current self to the white belt you once were. Recognise the progress you’ve made since then. The fact that you’re being challenged by new white belts shows you’re training in a dynamic environment that promotes continuous improvement for everyone.


Mental Toughness: Jiu-Jitsu is as much a mental game as it is physical. Facing setbacks and frustrations builds resilience. Pushing through these moments will strengthen your mental toughness, which is essential both on and off the mat.


Instructor Guidance: Don’t hesitate t discuss your feelings with your instructor. They’ve likely seen many students face similar challenges and can offer valuable advice and perspective. They might even share their own experiences of struggle and growth.


Community Support: Lean on your training partners for support. The BJJ community at BMJJA is known for its camaraderie. Sharing your struggles can lead to encouragement and tips from those who have been in your shoes.


Every practitioner goes through ups and downs. The key is to stay consistent, maintain a positive mindset, and keep showing up. Embrace the journey at BMJJA, and you’ll find that overcoming these challenges will make you a stronger and more resilient martial artist.