Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy Membership Agreement

Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy Pty Ltd – Membership Agreement

Subscription-Based Membership (Until Further Notice)

Contract Notice Periods:

  • 30 days notice is required for cancellation.
  • 15 days notice is required to freeze membership, with a maximum freeze period of 60 days.

Authority to Direct Debit:

I authorize Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy to direct debit my nominated payment method fortnightly while I am a subscribed member. I understand that payments will continue unless I formally notify the club and complete the membership cancellation request form with the required 30 days notice.

Membership Freeze:

To freeze my membership, I must give at least 15 days notice and submit a freeze request form specifying a return date, within the 60-day maximum freeze period.

Notice Requirements:

Notice for cancellation or freezing must be given in person at the gym by requesting the appropriate form from staff. If unable to visit the gym, I may request the forms via email. Notices cannot be made by SMS, phone, or social media.

Freeze and Cancellation:

Freeze and cancellation are separate processes, each requiring its own notice. To cancel during a freeze, the membership must be reactivated, payments brought up to date, and the membership must remain active for the remainder of the cancellation notice period.

Payment Obligations:

I agree to stay current with all payments and not to act dishonestly, such as closing my bank account or canceling my credit card, without first canceling my club membership subscription. Failure to follow these conditions may result in dishonor fees and the involvement of a debt collection authority.

Class Attendance:

My class attendance is independent of payments or cancellation. The club’s obligation is to provide classes and instruction. It is my responsibility to notify the club of any membership freeze or cancellation requests.

Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy Waiver:

  1. I acknowledge the risks of martial arts training, including the potential for serious injury, disability, or death, and accept personal responsibility for these risks.
  2. I understand that risks may arise from my actions or those of others, the rules of participation, the premises, or equipment used.
  3. I accept that there may be risks unknown to me or not reasonably foreseeable.
  4. I agree to inspect the facilities and equipment before participating and to refuse participation if I deem anything unsafe or beyond my capability.
  5. I assume all risks and accept responsibility for any resulting damages, including from injury, disability, or death.
  6. I enter martial arts training and/or competition voluntarily, understanding the importance of following the rules and regulations provided by Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy.
  7. I certify that I am physically fit and free from any condition that could impair my performance or well-being during training or competition.
  8. I consent to receive medical treatment in case of injury.
  9. I release Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy and related parties from liability for any injury, death, or property damage I may experience, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.
  10. I consent to the use of my images or videos for marketing purposes, with the option to request their removal if desired.
  11. I agree to wear the official Blue Mountains Jiu Jitsu Academy uniform to class.
  12. I acknowledge my responsibility to sign in for each class and update my membership program upon achieving a higher grading.

I have read and understood this agreement and sign it voluntarily.

By clicking the ‘Submit’ button, you confirm your understanding and agreement to these terms and conditions.